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Journal Entry 1

When I decided to launch a production company, it was a very vulnerable decision. I have not focused on being a creative for some time. Although the ideas, the stories, the musings, the worlds I have created never went away. My focus was refining a different set of skills. Today, as I am sending you my first Build Global Productions journal entry, I am in a vulnerable place because I am inviting you into a world that I have cultivated and continues to evolve. Build Global Productions is my world, it is not just a platform but a place with no restrictions, no rules, a place of chaos and structure. It is a place where people can come to just, be. A place where some of what you see and hear will leave you challenged, angry and inspired. It is a place designed to make you feel. It is how I create and curate art.
This is not a newsletter; this is a journal of my Build Global Productions journey, where I will share my thoughts, what’s happening, successes and failures.
At the end of the month, we will be screening Get Out on the 29 July. This has been a long-time coming. I had a frustration of always attending panel events and the best conversations happening when I network. So I thought wouldn't it be great to scrap the panel and just talk. The Syndicate was born. A place to just talk about what you see, feel and experience. I was scheduled for June but due to the attack in London, I decided to shift it back a month. I am looking forward to this because it’s a simple but crazy idea. That has always seemed to work for me simple but crazy so I am not going to change it now.
My friend Tara and I started a podcast back in May, Miseducation and Malarkey. We have known each other for years and what’s interesting about our podcast is, what you get is us. It is how Tara and I have always been. We have always been able to debate, laugh and listen, even when we don’t agree. Tara did something brave the other day. She admitted she was wrong (watch below). In Episode 9 we spoke about the fictional death of Poussey Washington in our Orange is the New Black, season 4 and 5 review. We had very different views. It was at times heavy, funny and tough but a conversation that only my friend and me could have in the way that we did. It’s never easy to admit when you are wrong. When you know in your heart you have done something wrong not because anyone has told you but that feeling that comes mid throat, through your heart down to the pit of your stomach, it leaves you vulnerable but hopefully in a better place of understanding.
That is why I love art, it sometimes is that place of vulnerability and understanding.

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